Based in Nantes, France

Founding date:
March 5, 2016


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EODEgroup, Atlangames
46 rue de Strasbourg
44000 Nantes


Moonlight is an action-adventure game strongly focused on the party-gaming. Offering a story mode and a purely multiplayer mode, the game will be playable by 1-36 players locally and online. Moonlight is part of the transmedia EODE is developping for its universe.


Early history

First of all, in the middle of summer 2015, we had the idea that it would be great to combine the use of mobile phones with a party-game, all that with a story the players could live and be steeped in halfway between an aquatic and biologic environment.

Why so serious ?

In september 2015, we had the opportunity to participate into the "Why so serious ?" 48h game jam which theme was "crowd games". We decided to make a light version of our Moonlight idea by making only the multiplayer party-game part and test its viability : we called it Bloodmoon. We seized the opportunity to present it publicly at the City of Congresses in Nantes, and the results were conclusive : the game was a lot of fun for families, the children around brought their parents to play with them and enjoyed it.

EODE's official creation

Although we had been working as a team for 3 years, it was not until october 2015 that EODE was officialy founded as a game development studio. We had several projects around our transmedia, in particular our first crowdfunding campaign for a collection of tales "Les contes de Grinn". The latter was a sucess, which gives us better experience for further project fundings. Meanwhile, amongst other game projects we presented the demo at each game conventions we attended, to gather player's feedback and take notes about the technological restrictions we may or may not encounter.

And now

Here it is, we decided to make it real. To do that, we aim to achieve a solid crowdfunding campaign, that's what we are preparing for. We are making a new and clean demo version that will be available soon for everyone to download and test !


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studio website https://eode.studio/.

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